Moktada al-Sadr Injured?

Ooooh, it doesn’t look like it has been a good day for one of Iraq’s biggest bad guys

“Radical Iraq cleric Moktada al-Sadr was wounded in a U.S. bombardment of the holy city of Najaf on Friday, but his exact condition remains unknown, spokesmen for Sadr said.

“Sayyed Moktada was wounded in American bombing. He suffered three injuries to his body. We don’t know his exact condition or to where he was taken,” spokesman Ahmad al-Shinabi told Reuters.”

I know many of you are probably wondering how we got to Al-Sadr since he has been hiding like a coward in the Imam Ali shrine. Well, maybe it went a little something like this….

Then, next thing you know, he goes outside and ***bam*** “he suffered three injuries to his body”.

However our guys got him, good job guys!

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