Liberals continue to be surprisingly forthcoming regarding their contempt for truth and honor, and their willingness to resort to tactics no decent person would employ. It’s as if they don’t realize you don’t have to be a moonbat to access their websites. Earlier we heard this from an enlightened progressive at Democratic Underground who approves of malicious rumors that Trig is not really Sarah Palin’s son, but her daughter’s:

It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. RUMOR IS TRUTH. The modern laws of media hype and political warfare have a useful tenet: Repeat ANYTHING or raise false concern over ANYTHING and it is likely to be planted in the conscious/subconscious of many voters. If people start to think that there might be something fishy with Palin’s last kid (if hers), then that’s FINE. One more doubt (whether tied to reality or not) is another hesitation at the ballot box.

The Left’s propaganda war continues to focus on 17-year-old Bristol Palin. First Things quotes Daily Kos:

I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to destroy the Republican Party as it exists today as well as everything it stands for.

If health insurance for all, an end to the Iraq War, an end to torture and illegal wiretapping, and a sane energy policy can be obtained at the price of destroying one teenage girl, her family, and the surrendering our self-respect I see that as a cheap trade.

Go talk about nobility of purpose to those 4,000+ dead American soldiers in Iraq.

Another Kostard adds:

This is about Power … How it is obtained — and how it is wielded in ways that affects all of us.

Are you telling me that you would not use character-destroying lies to ensure a war against Iran does not occur?

Are you telling me you would not spread lies about a man’s integrity, even if it defeated a candidate who take away the right to choose?

Are you telling me you would not destroy the love a family holds for one another, even if it meant letting someone who would destroy the constitution become president?

None of use would use these tactics in a perfect world. It is not a perfect world. It is a fallen world. We have to judge costs and benefits, not moral absolutes. I know this is the way to fanaticism and destruction — believe me I do. But, when we face opponents such as the ones we face … what else is there for us to do?

What choice do we have? When faced with monsters, we have to be monstrous ourselves.

Needless to say, the monsters they see are in the mirror. Completely unhinged by their own vile propaganda, there is no crime they could not justify. This is how the murder of tens of millions of people and the enslavement of everyone who survives in countries taken over by the Left are possible.

Yes it could happen here.

On a tip from Reuben C. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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