Moonbat Clergy Helps Illegals Laugh at the Law

Moonbats will side with any enemy of America, not just Muslims and communists. For example, Mexico has been waging a potentially devastating demographic war against the USA, which Mexicans call the Reconquista. Naturally liberal clergy are bending over backwards to facilitate the invasion:

CHICAGO — Everyone knows where Flor Crisostomo lives, even the federal immigration officials who have ordered her deported to Mexico. The reason they haven’t detained her is her address — Adalberto United Methodist Church.

Another woman famously took refuge in that church as she championed immigration reform, and at least 13 other illegal immigrants are doing the same at churches around the country. So far, they have little to fear. […]

Crisostomo came to the U.S. in 2000, paying a smuggler in Mexico to get her across the border. She was arrested in 2006 during a raid at a wooden pallet company in Chicago.

She has been at the West Side church for six months, since the Board of Immigration Appeals ordered her to leave the United States, holding news conferences, writing blogs and lecturing school groups about immigration issues.

ICE won’t raid churches, on the grounds that they are too busy. Apparently bureaucrats have better things to do than prevent people from openly sneering at American sovereignty and the rule of law.

If only the government were too busy to arrest me if I refuse to pay taxes, I could afford a much higher standard of living.

Criminals yukking it up at the church.

On a tip from Matt L. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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