Moonbat Metaphysics and Saracuda’s Failure to Get an Abortion

Slog provides a fascinating glimpse into the minds of moonbats who resent Sarah Palin for not having her youngest son killed:

When tests made it clear that Palin’s pregnancy, which happened around the age of 43, had chromosomal abnormalities, she did not do the rational and even humane thing: return to nothing that which was still a no-thing. Why? Because of a religious belief. She holds the unverifiable belief that God is against abortions.

Where to start? Killing babies may seem rational to some, but unless they are in terrible agony, it certainly wouldn’t be rational to call it humane. How is a human life a “no-thing”?

The author goes on to set up a false dichotomy between God and science, as if they pertained to separate realities. God wants women to die wretched and miserable in their 30s, but thanks to science’s defiance of God, Palin has lived to see her 40s. Therefore,

Even if He exists, God has nothing to do with why Palin is having a baby at 43.

What a stunted concept of God moonbats must have, to think anything could exist that “God has nothing to do with.”

But letting her son live didn’t necessarily have anything to do with Palin’s faith. Religion doesn’t have a monopoly on mercy or morality.

However, liberals would have you believe otherwise. By putting concepts like mercy and respect for the sanctity of innocent life in a box labeled Religious Fanatism, progressives free themselves from the moral constraints that would prevent the genocidal holocausts we see when they take control of governments, as happened most disastrously in Germany, Russia, China, and Cambodia.

But lest you think the folks at Slog have no morals, they do respect the sanctity of trees’ lives.

On tips from LT Nixon. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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