Moonbats Move to Ban Bonfires in Name of Global Warming Hoax

Seattle Parks and Recreation may push the envelope of environmentalist absurdity over the edge by banning bonfires on the grounds they could cause global warming.

From a memo to the park board from staff:

The overall policy question for the Board is whether it is good policy for Seattle Parks to continue public beach fires when the carbon … emissions produced by thousands of beach fires per year contributes to global warming.

Grown adults, presumably walking around unmedicated, actually believe that bonfires on the beach will heat up the planet. It’s getting scary out there.

What if we just told these 21st century savages that they can avert global warming by wearing green on Thursdays, or maybe by shaking a bone at the sun? That would leave the rest of us free to go about our business.

But of course, the erosion of freedoms we always took for granted isn’t an unfortunate byproduct of environmentalism — it’s the point of environmentalism.

Now even the Flintstones are more advanced than what moonbats would allow.

Something else for liberals to take away in the name of their hoax.

On tips from John H, V the K, and Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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