More Fun Than Conservatives Should Be Allowed to Have

I’ve been spending a couple hours every afternoon listening to Andrea Shea-King and Mark Vance on Constitutional Public Radio. It’s the familiar conservative talk, but they’ve done one little thing that makes listening to them much more enjoyable than other shows. They have a live chatroom where you can interact with the hosts, ask questions of their guests, and talk politics with other bloggers and blog readers.

The show airs from 3:00 PM-5:00 PM Eastern time from Florida’s Space Coast and you can listen live here. You can log into the chatroom here (just enter a user name, city and state, and click on the “Submit Query” button).

Today’s guest is Orson Scott Card, the famed science fiction writer and longtime Democrat, who crossed party lines like Zell Miller and Ed Koch to vote for President Bush in 2004. Hope to see a bunch of you in the chatroom this afternoon!

Update: A good time was had by all. Mr Card was incredibly well-informed and has not budged an inch on his support for the war in Iraq or the President. I was pleased to see quite a few new faces in the chatroom, including Kevin from EckerNet, Dan from the NeoCon Nexus, AO from Anonymous Opinion, as well as chatroom regulars like Mary Ann from Here, There and Back Again, Third Wave Dave, Anna from A Rose By Name, Gawfer, and David from Liberty or Death, and of course, our gracious hosts, who have their own blog called Radio Patriots.

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If you missed the show, it will be rebroadcast in its entirety at 9:00 PM tonight, with the Orson Scott Card interview at 10:00.

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