More Hate Mail

Once again, it’s time to post some of RWN’s hate mail for your amusement. The first piece of hate mail I received was sent because Right Wing News is so neutral, impartial, so, so….fair and balanced, I posted a column called “Five Things Other Conservative Websites Do That Annoy Me“. Unfortunately, that didn’t sit well with T. Williams who was probably getting foam from his mouth all over the keyboard when he wrote this…

From: FlabucI
Subject: Things that annoy you

Who cares? Any GOOD American HATES the d@mn smelly @ss wiping TOWELHEADS! Because you claim not to hate you are better than others? Bet if I killed your woman and kids in front of you you’d be willing to do anything to harm me, but prolly to much of a coward to act.

I could NOT HATE any of the clinton trash more, and would DANCE & PISS on their graves given the chance. All 3 of them are trash that deserve to be put to death in middle of America. Torture and the murder are too good for this rabble.

So again, what you think….WHO CARES?

T. Williams
Largo Fla


On the other hand, Todd Randall is apparently more worried about conservatives than Al-Qaeda…

From : Todd A. Randall
Subject : please tell me

You suck you right wing piece of filth. You and your right wing friends are the greatest threat to this country.


Then there’s Aaron Geddes who is all upset about patriotism & “wingers” as he calls them…

From: Aaron Geddes
Subject: (none)

Well pal I have a problem with this place and I happily have a problem with you also. I know the rigid mindset of the “winger” only understands military power, blind obedience to authority, and the need to preserve the status quo. This much is obvious. Rah, Rah wave that flag buddy and bury your head in the sand. The US will save you from the boogyman outside your window, just give up a few more rights and we’ll finally be safe. If this government is not crooked then why all the secrecy? If they are on the level then why hide in the shadows like a cockroach? Why dodge and hide from real questions? Sounds like a dishonest group of people to me, but then again I use common sense and dont subscribe to this patriotic mumbo-jumbo. Patriotism is just too neat and ready made for you war-mongers. So wave that flag pal and keep pretending that Saddam was the big threat. Pretend we didnt assist Saddam when it benefitted our little war games. Pretend there aren’t other countries out there that don’t oppress their people just as much as Saddam did. The US only liberates convenient targets for political and financial gain, and thats the REAL truth. And to counter the standard “winger” response, I dont care about Hitler and Germany half a century ago. What we did then does not pertain to today.The US was a different country ran by different people at a different time so you can quit it with that drivel anytime you’re ready. I laugh when progressives are called cowards by “wingers” when it’s the “wingers” who happily give up their freedom so the government can save them. Sounds like the “wingers” are a bit confused. Oh yeah, and another thing, why is it that the Right is anti-abortion but pro-war????????????”

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