More Liberals Who’ve Had Their Lives Wrecked By ChimpMcBushHitler And His Ilk

Yesterday, I put together a post featuring Kos kids claiming that Bush ruined their marriages, made them gain weight, and negatively impacted their mental health.

In the comments section of the post, a couple of RWN readers told hilarious stories along those same lines that I thought were worth sharing. Enjoy!

“These sound like one of my sisters.

Everything in her life – 2 failed marriages, a truant son, can’t quit smoking, 60lbs overweight -is the fault of ChimpyBushMcHitler (or the american taliban). She started on this last summer. I shut her up with “so, if a liberal democrat wins next year all of your problems will go away. If GWB is the problem then replacing him should cause you to quit smoking, C****or will go to school and you will loose 60lbs.” She hasn’t talked to me since.

Though if replacing GWB would cause a 60lb weight loss then I’m in.
/sarcasm” — jimb123

“Still not one of the worst things I had read.

A female on a board I used to participate in (if anyone is interested it was Wil Wheaton’s board, I am a Star Trek fanatic) had a husband that was generally neutral on the whole issue of both Bush and the War (by her description – he just didn’t care and was happy either way). He was terribly nonsupporting of her in that he didn’t agree with everything she said (almost a direct quote, apparently “support” in a marriage means she is always correct and to be followed). She had discussed a divorce with the people on the board before over that but had decided to at least give him a while.

Then one night, with her being psychic and all, she had a dream where he abused her – she called the police and had him charged with domestic violence. Needless to say the whole system was *terribly* unsupportive when they found out she was pressing charges because of a dream, in fact they just weren’t very nice at all and threatened to take her to jail if she did that again. Apparently they don’t understand what dreams mean to psychics and how much that traumatized her, if they did he would be in jail for a LONG time. Several months later she was still terrified and couldn’t sleep over the abuse he had done to her (in that dream).

Needless to say that one resulted in a divorce, IIRC she didn’t get very much in the divorce settlement either – just another case of the Man putting the good leftists down.

For the most part the board was *very* supportive of her and couldn’t figure out why the b*stard wasn’t in jail, her feelings were important too! I also wish I had copied some of the poems she wrote (she was also a self proclaimed Muse) as they were quite funny also.” — strcpy

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