More Proof That Sex Sells From Howard Kurtz’s Media Notes Column

Howard Kurtz linked to RWN in his Media Notes column in the Washington Post today, which is kind of cool. It’s not the first time, but it’s nice to see a big name guy in one of the most prestigious papers in the country taking notice of the page.

Now, I mentioned that it’s not the first time Kurtz has linked. That’s true. Also, oddly enough, usually a link from Kurtz brings very little traffic. I mean, the WAPO online is enormous, but typically they don’t send enough traffic from a link to make my top 20 weekly referrers.

Does that mean people are looking at the headlines, but not the columns? Does it mean that the WAPO’s audience is very liberal and isn’t interested in looking at a conservative website? Is it some combination of those two factors? It’s hard to say.

But today, the Kurtz link has sent a deluge of traffic over. Why? Well, it’s what Kurtz linked. Here’s the copy relating to RWN,

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The Most Honest Blog Post of the Week comes from one of the Ankle Biting Pundits:

“I freely admit that I’m linking to this story from our buddy John Hawkins solely because it has some very hot pictures that Rachael Ray took for FHM Magazine a few years ago. Damn, I’d like to be a chocolate-covered spoon right now.”

It’s safe for work–kind of.

The moral of the story: Even political wonks and media junkies would rather look at cheesecake photos than stories about politics and the media. An alternate moral? Sex sells in politics just like it does everywhere else.

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