More Zero Tolerance Insanity

This is what happens when you have soulless, bureaucratic, paper shuffling sheep running a school system…

” A 15-year-old girl’s sentence of 15 days in alternative school for taking a pain pill on campus was too harsh, a judge ruled Wednesday.

A teacher caught Ysatis Jones taking an ibuprofen pill at a water fountain at Clay-Chalkville High School. She said she was taking it to relieve menstrual cramps. Jefferson County school board guidelines dictate that taking any drug without parental or administrative consent is a major offense.

School board officials said a student must hand over any medicine and take it under staff supervision. Jones said she didn’t feel comfortable telling her male teacher the reason she needed to take the pill.”

Ahem…let’s see, how can I phrase this? Ah, let’s try…You morons, it’s ibuprofen, not crack! You’re idiots, complete idiots, who’re too incompetent to be entrusted to educate children!

Oh these ridiculous “zero tolerance” policies just drive me up a wall!

But, wait we’ve haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. After Judge Houston L. Brown slapped down that punishment and correctly called it “both excessive and unfair,” here’s the response…

“Phil Hammonds, superintendent for the county school system, said he was disappointed with the judge’s decision. He said the punishment was “fairly and conscientiously made.”

What is the major malfunction going on down at the Clay-Chalkville High School? Where do they get people with this mentality and why in the world would anyone want them teaching children?

Come on, get those kids in that area vouchers, so they can get into a school that’s run by competent adults, not domineering wonks who go nuts over a kid taking Ibuprofen…

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