Morning Glory – Sept. 24


  • Democrats to Let Offshore Drilling Ban Expire: “If true, this capitulation by Democrats following months of Republican pressure is a big victory for Americans struggling with record gasoline prices.” — House GOP leader John Boehner
  • Obama Ad Distorts McCain’s Record on Stem Cells: No surprise on this one. Read this one carefully; you won’t want to miss the fact that this ain’t the first rodeo for the woman in the ad. She appeared in a very popular 2006 ad, exploiting her child. (See this link and this link for more. H/T to my good friend Kevin.)
  • Where Have All the Protests Gone?: Get through the article without elevating your blood pressure, and I’ll be impressed. The article takes issue with the fact that the protests and “passion” of the late 1960s is absent from America today. At no point does the writer explore the fact that this may be because America is a strong and peaceful nation. Oh no, it must be because we have no modern equivalent of the Beatles. That has to be it! My favorite part? “It’s as though the gods of turmoil threw a party and nobody came. When was the last time you saw a street protest? Or a burning effigy? Or a teach-in? Or a boycott? It’s kind of odd: We have the sense that this is an emergency, but open the window and give a listen. There aren’t any sirens.” (Because this isn’t an emergency!) I also love this: “McMillan isn’t exempting herself from this charge. She quit the [Columbia College Democrats] last year after spending five hours squabbling with the Socialist Club about what to put in a news release. It all seemed tragically disorganized to her.”
    (Who would have thought? Unorganized socialists at Columbia University?)
  • The Great Bail-Out on the Hill: A Day in Quotes: MKH has a good system for assessing the bailout mess–right from the horses’ mouths.
  • House GOP Rises Up Against Cheney: Paradise lost.
  • Can’t We Just Hold the Election Now?: A friend and I agreed yesterday: we’re so ready for the election to be over.
  • Joe Biden Racks Up Four Quote Mishaps in a Week: Gaffe-licious.
  • Obama and Ahmadinejad: “Barack Obama has the gall today to express ‘disappointment’ that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had ‘a platform to air his hateful and anti-Semitic views.'” — Michael Goldfarb
  • Catholic University Students Campaign for Obama: This is disappointing news about the students at my alma mater, The Catholic University of America.
  • John Hawkins’ Blog Talk Radio Show: If you missed John’s show last night, be sure to check it out.

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