Move The Democratic Party To Left — If You’ve Got The Guts

Ace from Ace Of Spades HQ ponders the latest salvo fired by the lefties at MoveOn across the bow of the Democratic Party,

“We bought it, we own it, we’re going to take it back.”

and says….

“The left-liberals have been convinced for some time that America really wants a left-liberal or “progressive” agenda, and that what’s holding them back has been the political cowardice of the Democratic leadership and candidates. Just like on at least thirty-seven West Wing “cliffhangers,” the solution to declining popularity is to stop being mealy-mouthed and moderate and equivocating and just give the people what they so desperately crave– uncompromising, unabashed, unafraid old-school fire-and-brimstone economic populism and pacificism/UN “multilateralism.”

Here’s the thing: this theory will continue to distort Democratic politics until it is actually tried. Until it is given a shot to work — or fail — we’re going to continue to have a Democratic Party which simply refuses to take a clear stance as to what they actually believe. So many Democratic positions aren’t coherent political positions at all, but mere positionings, incoherent shuffle-steps between the left-liberal wing and the centrist-liberals of the party.

Ace is right. For the last three election cycles, the Democrats have lost because they’re too liberal and too out of touch with most Americans. In 2000, they decided that Al Gore was robbed and didn’t he get the most overall votes? So there was no need to change. Then in 2002, a year in which the party not in the White House usually makes significant gains, the Democrats again went backwards. Well, that was chalked up to bad luck, bad candidates, you name it. Well, Bush defeated Kerry again in 2004 and now the margin in the Senate is 55-44-1, the House is locked in for the GOP until 2010 at a minimum, and the GOP holds a majority of governorships. But, what are we hearing? “Well, Kerry didn’t lose all that badly,” “they probably rigged the vote,” “we’ve just got to learn to frame the issues better”….that’s all hogwash.

The reality is that liberalism is pure political poison and if people like Michael Moore and MoveOn don’t believe that, I’d encourage them to back candidates who’ll run on it. Personally, I’m tired of Democrats like John Kerry who run as hawkish, religious, tax-cutting, shotgun waving moderates, then govern as liberals and then hope they can get judges in place to install the agenda they can’t ever get the American people to vote for.

Run on reparations, Affirmative Action, socialized medicine, abortion on demand, higher taxes, signing up for Kyoto and the International Criminal Court, taking orders from the UN, getting rid of the missile shield, overturning the Patriot Act, unlimited illegal immigration, banning animal testing, gun control, pulling out of Iraq, gay marriage, persecuting the Boy Scouts and all the other ideas that get taken seriously by liberals. Don’t pretend to be a conservative when election time rolls around and see what happens.

You see, the Democratic Party isn’t losing because Karl Rove is a genius, fraud, “framing” of issues, or anything else except the fact that they’re TOO LIBERAL. That’s why Al Gore lost, why John Kerry lost, why the Dems have lost the South, and why the GOP is dominating the House & Governorships.

Run a candidate for President who’ll admit he’s a liberal and run on a liberal agenda, Dems. I dare you, because that candidate will be buried so fast and so deep, that we’ll put this issue to rest once and for all. Then the Democrats can go ahead and ** cross your fingers ** marginalize the left & truly move back towards the center which would be good for the country…

*** Update #1 ***: House of Wheels took a look at the liberal issues I mentioned above and gathered polling data on them. As expected, the numbers aren’t pretty for the left…

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