is Blowing The Winds of Freedom — Satire By Iowahawk

Iowahawk Special Commentary
by Aaron Headley Special Deputy Assistant for Grassroots Direct E-Marketing

Do you feel what’s in the air?

Whether you’re a protester in the streets of Beirut, or a grassroots American citizen activist speaking your mind on the UBB forum, you can’t escape it — that unmistakeable stirring of something new, something big, something poised to change our very world. What is it? That, my friend, is the Wind of Freedom — and where ever you find it, will be blowing.

Since its inception, has championed the cause of People Power, harnessing the mighty force of millions of ordinary Americans from Park Slope to Williamsburg, from Los Feliz to Santa Monica, from Wicker Park to West Wicker Park and everywhere in between. Through our organization and fundraising efforts, we have inspired countless millions of everday Americans to log off of Craig’s List, get up out of their Aeron chairs, and work together to change the world. And now this prairie fire of activist People Power, first kindled by MoveOn, is spreading across the globe.

Case in point: witness the street protests that took place in Lebanon this week. No doubt inspired by the election year example of MoveOn and other vital progressive organizations in America and Europe, thousands of young Lebanese people marched through the streets of their cities. The parallels to our 2004 anti-war actions were almost eerie: here was a spontaneous march of courageous young people saying NO to violence, and demanding things. Also, many of them were carrying signs. If you squint your eyes just right, and mentally PhotoShop in a jpeg of Madison Square Garden and a few “No Blood For Oil” banners, you can almost see the MoveOn protest at the GOP National Convention.

Beirut is not the only place where MoveOn is having an impact. Throughout the Middle East, from Egypt to Iran, there is a rumble of freedom that can be directly traced back to MoveOn’s earliest Flash Animation Against Bush film contest. When Al-Jazeera and Iraqi State Television broadcast these films, I can only imagine how many normal Muslim citizens were heartened by our principled stance with the international community against the illegal US invasion of Iraq. Later, they drew encouragement from our online petition to end US military occupation, our fund drive raves to Re-Reject Bush, our courageous suit to overturn the stolen election in Ohio, and our steadfast opposition to the Administration’s dangerous push for early Iraqi elections. Make no mistake: these efforts created a rich loamy fertilizer of inspiration from which the flower of Mideast freedom is just starting to emerge.

To be sure, the revival of People Power in the Middle East is not all due to MoveOn. We must give credit where credit is due. The people of the region have also drawn courage from other role models, like visionary filmmaker Michael Moore; respected intellectuals like Noam Chomsky and Ward Churchill; political trailblazer Dr. Howard Dean; and elected leaders like Ted Kennedy and Maurice Hinchey. These are just some of the fearless dreamers and tireless doers who show, by example, how ordinary folks can speak out up to corrupt fundamentalist dictators.

In closing, I would like to tell the young people of the Mideast that they shouldn’t worry about thanking MoveOn and others in the US anti-war community; you have already paid us back, with interest. Your courageous movement for freedom and democracy has inspired us in turn. At MoveOn, we have embarked on a new $15 million ad campaign calling for the immediately withdrawal of US troops from the region, so that your countries can hold elections without the taint of American-style corruption and crony capitalism.

Good luck, and drop an email to us sometime.

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