MSNBC Mentions RWN

I found out that I got a mention in an MSNBC article last month called, “Media takes heat from administration over Iraq. When the going gets tough, the messenger gets shot“.

Here’s the quote…

“A report released Monday by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found that most journalists feel the Bush administration got a free pass after the attacks of Sept. 11. In a poll of journalists and news executives, Pew reports that “the poll finds that many journalists —­ especially those in the national media — believe that the press has not been critical enough of President Bush. Majorities of print and broadcast journalists at national news organizations believe the press has been insufficiently critical of the administration.”

Conservatives, no doubt, will merely regard this as more evidence that the media is, in the words of John Hawkins, the founder of the conservative Web site Right Wing News, “so biased that they’ve essentially allowed themselves to become the most powerful weapon in our enemy’s arsenals.”

But journalists see this quite differently.”

Interestingly enough, while the author, Michael Moran, linked the Pew Poll, he didn’t link any of the other people quoted in the article, liberal or conservative (here’s the original piece that quote came from).

So as far as I can tell, looking back at my statistics, I got almost zero traffic from a link on MSNBC, the 848th biggest website on the internet according to Alexa.

I do appreciate the mention, but a hyperlink would have probably been worth…oh, I’m going to guess, at least 25k daily uniques? Ah well, I guess expecting big media to link the competition is too much to ask…

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