MSNBC’s Clicked Mentions RWN

The Warblogger Awards got another mainstream media mention, this time from MSNBC’s Clicked.

You know it’s nice to get these MSM mentions, especially the last two since they actually linked, but it’s bizarre to me how little traffic they drive my way.

Take the Howard Kurtz WAPO link I received yesterday. The WAPO does, of course, draw enormous numbers of readers and I have to think Kurtz’s column is well read….yet, I’ve gotten 258 sets of eyeballs off the link.

Just as a point of comparison, an Andrew Sullivan link sent me about 1400 people, a Little Green Footballs link sent me about 900, and an Instapundit link sent me around 2900 (after subtracting out roughly the average number of hits my permalkink drives me each day. This MSNBC link I mentioned? I’d say it’s unlikely to send me 200 unique users to RWN today.

These websites do major traffic, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know how well read particular columnists are? That would tell us a lot. For example, could it be possible that more people actually read Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit each day than read Howard Kurtz? Does Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs actually have more people laying eyeballs on what he writes each day than say any one column at MSNBC? I’d love to know….

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