Murder In Britain?: This is

Murder In Britain?: This is a bizarre story

“The parents for four soldiers found dead at an army base in Surrey are to press the home secretary for an inquiry in to their deaths.
The four died from gunshot wounds at the Royal Logistics Corps HQ in Deepcut over the past seven years.

The Army claims the deaths were all suicides, but Surrey Police is reinvestigating.”

I know you’re thinking “four suicides in seven years”, what’s so bizarre about that?

“In the same year 20-year-old Sean Benton from Hastings, Sussex, was found dead with five gunshot wounds, an inquest recorded a verdict of suicide.

…Geoff Gray, father of Private Gray, said: “When the Army came to my door their first words were ‘Your son’s committed suicide’.

“It wasn’t until six months later that we discovered he had been shot twice in the head.”

Who commits suicide by putting TWO rounds in their head? What about this guy who supposedly pumped five bullets into his chest? Furthermore, all of these “suicides” occurred at the same base. Don’t be surprised if the next “suicide” features someone tying their hands behind their back before they use 7 or 8 bullets to shoot themselves to death. Strange things are afoot in Surrey…

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