Muslim Poll Numbers To “Die For” In Britain?

This is a little scary:

“A SIGNIFICANT minority of British Muslims believe they are at war with the rest of society, the largest poll of Muslims in this country suggests.

The Populus survey for The Times and ITV News has found that more than one in ten thinks that the men who carried out the London bombings of 7/7 should be regarded as “martyrs”. Sixteen per cent of British Muslims, equivalent to more than 150,000 adults, believe that while the attacks were wrong, the cause was right.

…13% of British Muslims think that the four men who carried out the London Tube and bus bombings of July 7, 2005, should be regarded as “martyrs”

7% agree that suicide attacks on civilians in the UK can be justified in some circumstances, rising to 16 per cent for a military target

16% of British Muslims say that while the attacks may have been wrong, the cause was right

2% would be proud if a family member decided to join al-Qaeda. Sixteen per cent would be “indifferent”

So, roughly 17,500 Muslims in Britain would be “proud” if a family member joined Al-Qaeda and another 150,000 or so wouldn’t be concerned about it? Meanwhile, it took just 19 terrorists to pull off 9/11. Would the poll numbers among American Muslims look much different? Doubt it and that’s not encouraging news…

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