My 12 Favorite People On The Right In Order

12) Dick Cheney: Cheney is pugnacious, experienced, and hawkish. W. could not have had a better VP to complement him.

11) Tom Tancredo: I admire his leadership on the illegal alien issue.

10) Walter Williams: He’s such a brilliant, crisp, clean thinker who can make complex subjects easily understandable.

9) Ann Coulter: As witty as she is beautiful, Coulter has a mind like a steel trap. She does great research, makes incisive points, and is absolutely fearless.

8) Michelle Malkin: The best blogger in the biz and I am continually amazed that she can blog, write books, fill in on Fox, and take care of a family. She’s Wonder Woman…

7) Antonin Scalia: He just edges out Thomas and Bork as the preeminent conservative legal mind in America today.

6) Thomas Sowell: A prolific writer with tons of common sense. He’s also the best writer on economic issues I’ve ever seen.

5) Mark Steyn: The best columnist and writer in politics, bar none.

4) Donald Rumsfeld: Rummy is sharp, scrappy, ruthless and a real long-term thinker. It gives me a lot of confidence to know we have a guy like him running the DOD in a time of war.

3) George W. Bush: He has had the guts to do the right thing on the foreign policy front, even when it has been politically risky. I’m as comfortable with him running our foreign policy as I would be with Reagan.

2) Newt Gingrich: Gingrich, along with Reagan and Limbaugh, is one of the 3 men most responsible for the resurgence of conservatism over the last 25 years.

1) Rush Limbaugh: As far as I’m concerned, Fox, the other talk radio hosts, and the whole right side of the blogosphere is just blazing a trail Rush Limbaugh started cutting back in the eighties. This country is a different place today because of Limbaugh.

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