My Consulting Gig With A 2008 Republican Presidential Contender

On Saturday of this week, a consulting agency that just got hired on with one of the presidential contenders asked me if I’d be interested in signing up with them to help build a web presence for the candidate. We came to a basic understanding on Saturday and on Sunday, we finalized the deal.

Now, I am a blogger first and a consultant second. With that in mind, there were some conditions I felt it necessary to impose.

#1) The longest I agreed to work was 3 months. They may or may not need me for that long, but that’s my limit on how long I will help out the campaign.

#2) While I am working on the campaign, I don’t plan to blog about any of the 2008 Republican contenders (unless some huge story that’s too big to ignore comes along and hits the wires). That’s because I don’t want to come across like a shill for the candidate that I’ll be consulting with.

The consulting firm agreed to those conditions and I’ve already sent them an outline of the ideas I have for the campaign. Will they take my suggestions? Well, they’ve assured me that I’m the point person on building up internet buzz for the candidate, but from what I’ve seen, most campaigns don’t pay that much attention to their web guys and since I’m working for the consulting agency, I’m not even technically at the top of the heap on the web. So, we’ll have to see how much of my advice they end up taking by the time it’s all over.

PS: You may notice that I haven’t mentioned the contender’s name. That was a request of the consulting agency. They have a big press conference planned in about a week and they didn’t want me to let the cat out of the bag before then. After the press conference happens, I will do another post with more details.

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