My Dinner Guests & Influential Books

I have been meaning to post the choices I made in the, “Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select The Books That Have Had The Biggest Impact On Their Thinking” and “Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select History’s Most Interesting Dinner Companions” polls and I thought I might as well do it one post. Here are my selections…

The Books That Have Had The Biggest Impact On (My) Thinking

— 1984
— Animal Farm
— Atlas Shrugged
— The Autobiography of Malcolm X
— Awaken The Giant Within
— The Bible
— The Book of Virtues
— Carnage and Culture
— An End To Innocence
— The Fountainhead
— How to Win Friends and Influence People
— Looking Out for #1
— The Prince
— Rhinosceros Success
— See? I Told You So!
— Treason
— The Way Things Ought to Be
— Winning Through Intimidation
— Unlimited Power
— You Are The Message

My Selections For History’s Most Interesting Dinner Companions

— George W. Bush
— Julius Ceasar
— Winston Churchill
— Hernando Cortes
— King David
— Patrick Henry
— Robert Howard
— Andrew Jackson
— Thomas Jefferson
— Jesus
— Joan Of Arc
— Abe Lincoln
— Machiavelli
— Moses
— Prophet Muhammad
— George Patton
— Ayn Rand
— Ronald Reagan
— Anthony Robbins
— George Washington

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