My Favorite 40 Bloggers For 2007 (Version 3.0)

It’s time for me to rank my favorite blogs for the 3rd quarter of 2007.

Do keep in mind that as the quarter has progressed, some blogs have, of course, moved up and others have dropped, based on how often I visit them, how much I like what I see when I get there, how often the blogs are updated, etc., etc. Also, as per usual, do keep in mind that this sort of list changes frequently over time based on a variety of factors. So if a blog didn’t get included, it’s no big deal — it could be on the list next time. Let me also add that there are some very good blogs that I read almost daily, that didn’t make the list.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that there are more than a few blogs, even what are normally very good blogs that would make the list (or rank higher), that seem to have a case of the “summer blahs.” August, in a non-election year, could fairly be said to be the absolute lowpoint of the political cycle. Congress isn’t in session, traffic drops, and there usually isn’t, comparatively, that much going on. So, perhaps it’s not a surprise that so many bloggers are catching up on some much needed rest and foregoing their normal level of posting this month.

Here’s the list:

Honorable Mentions: Confederate Yankee, Day In, Day Out, Pat Dollard, Dr. Helen, Dr. Melissa Clouthier, Knowledge Is Power, The Radio Equalizer

40) Tammy Bruce
39) Ankle Biting Pundits
38) Mary Katharine Ham’s Blog
37) The Nose on Your Face
36) Riehl World View
35) David Frum
34) Polipundit
33) Debbie Schlussel
32) The Volokh Conspiracy
31) Say Anything
30) Matt Sanchez
29) Alarming News
28) Atlas Shrugs
27) Don Surber
26) Q&O Blog
25) The Jawa Report
24) Tim Blair
23) The American Princess
22) The Daily Gut
21) Relapsed Catholic
20) Power Line
19) Bluey Blog
18) Kausfiles
17) The Campaign Spot
16) Althouse
15) Wizbang
14) Cassy Fiano
13) Captain’s Quarters
12) Rachel Lucas
11) IMAO
10) Betsy’s Page
9) RedState
8) Hugh Hewitt
7) Newsbusters
6) Instapundit
5) Michelle Malkin
4) Little Green Footballs
3) The Corner
2) Ace Of Spades HQ
1) Hot Air

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