My Favorite 40 Blogs For 2008 (Version 2.0) – Right Wing News

It’s time for me to rank my favorite blogs for the 2nd quarter of 2008.

Do keep in mind that as the quarter has progressed, some blogs have, of course, moved up and others have dropped, based on how often I visit them, how much I like what I see when I get there, how often the blogs are updated, etc., etc. Also, as per usual, do keep in mind that this sort of list changes frequently over time based on a variety of factors. So if a blog didn’t get included, it’s no big deal — it could be on the list next time. Let me also add that there are some very good blogs that I read almost daily, that didn’t make the list. If you see any blogs on there that you’re not familiar with, make sure to check them out.

Here’s the list:

Honorable Mentions: Ankle Biting Pundits, Blogs For Victory, Bluey Blog, Grand Old Partisan, Gina Cobb, Hugh Hewitt, Iowahawk, Knowledge Is Power, Liberty Pundit, Polipundit, The Radio Equalizer, Riehl World View, Sister Toldjah, Stop The ACLU, Don Surber, TigerHawk, Wizbang

40) Megan McArdle
39) Sweetness & Light
38) Scrappleface
37) Alarming News
36) Blonde Sagacity
35) The Daily Gut
34) Jihad Watch
33) Exurban League
32) Pirate’s Cove
31) Power Line
30) Outside the Beltway
29) Pajamas Media
28) Little Miss Attila
27) Cara Ellison
26) Dr. Helen
25) Atlas Shrugs
24) Doubleplusundead
23) Althouse
22) Say Anything
21) The Nose on Your Face
20) Death By 1000 Papercuts
19) The American Princess
18) The Jawa Report
17) Tim Blair
16) Five Feet of Fury
15) Gateway Pundit
14) RedState
13) Kausfiles
12) The Campaign Spot
11) Betsy’s Page
10) Cassy Fiano
9) Little Green Footballs
7) Michelle Malkin
6) Newsbusters
5) Instapundit
4) Rachel Lucas
3) The Corner
2) Ace Of Spades HQ
1) Hot Air

PS: I didn’t rank Dr. Melissa Clouthier, Moonbattery, or Q&O Blog since they feature bloggers who write for RWN 5 days a week.

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