My Favorite 40 Blogs — July 22, 2004

It has been a couple of months since the last time I ranked my favorite 40 blogs and since I’m such a statistics junky (I blame all the Dungeons & Dragons and Fantasy Sports I played when I was younger), I decided to go ahead and do another ranking.

However, I did have an ulterior motive. You see, I’m hoping this list will inspire some other bloggers out there to do their own lists. Come on, it’s not the hardest thing to put together, your readers will enjoy finding some new blogs to read, and it’s great linkbait for egomaniacal bloggers — like me!! — who enjoy seeing how they stack up in the blogosphere.

Just to give you bloggers out there a little incentive, if you rank at least 20 favorite blogs or more in order, tonight or tomorrow, and then link back to the post & let me know about it, I’ll add a link to your post right here.

Do keep in mind that if you don’t finish your post by 7 AM tomorrow, you’ll have to wait until 6:30 PM EST tomorrow night for your link.

Come on folks, let’s see how the blogosphere stacks up!

Here’s my current list…

40) Flynn Files
39) INDC Journal
38) Citizen Smash
37) Daily Pundit
36) Damian Penny
35) Barking Moonbat Early Warning System
34) The Bleat
33) HobbsOnline A.M.
32) Blackfive — The Paratrooper of Love
31) Belmont Club
30) Democrats Give Conservatives Indigestion
29) Jihad Watch
28) Outside The Beltway
27) Buzz Machine
26) QandO
25) Blogs For Bush
24) Iraq The Model
23) Ed Driscoll
22) Kausfiles
21) Ravenwood’s Universe
20) Crush Kerry
19) Moxie
18) The Kerry Spot
17) Trying To Grok
16) Red Line Rants
15) Inoperable Terran
14) Allah Is In The House
13) Tongue Tied
12) Daniel Drezner
11) A Small Victory
10) Hugh Hewitt
9) DANEgerus Weblog
8) Tim Blair
7) I Love Jet Noise
6) Right Thinking From The Left Coast
5) Little Green Footballs
4) Michelle Malkin
3) Betsy’s Page
2) Instapundit
1) The Corner

PS #1: Do keep in mind that as the quarter has progressed, some blogs have of course moved and others have dropped, based on how often I visit them, how much I like what I see when I get there, how often the blogs are updated, etc, etc. As per usual, do keep in mind that these sort of lists change frequently over time based on a variety of factors. So don’t sweat it if your blog didn’t get included….

PS #2: I decided that IMAO & Scrappleface should be ineligible since I use their material so often. Furthermore, since I post columns at the The Command Post, that blog is ineligible as well.

*** Update #1 ***: Here’s a list from Stix.

*** Update #2 ***: CheeseandBacon ranks the blogs…

*** Update #3 ***: More blogger rankings from Dummocrats, Democrats Give Conservatives Indigestion, Polipundit, More Than Right, Daly Thoughts, Rightpundit, Election Projection, & Something To Cry About.

If you want to get your list on here, get your list up by 10 PM EST.

*** Update #4 ***: Two more turned up. From Red Line Rants & Blogs Of War.

*** Update #5 ***: Here’s what is probably the last update to this post, a list from The Resplendent Mango.

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