My Favorite Sunday Reactions To Saddam’s Capture From The Left-Side Of The Blogosphere

I took a look at a number of prominent left-wing blogs so I could see what they were saying about Saddam’s Capture. Although there were a couple of exceptions, the majority of left-wing blogs I perused either didn’t mention it all or either tried to play it off as no big deal. I guess that’s what you have to do when your party regularly puts itself into a position where good news for America means bad news for the Democrats.

But here were my three favorite reactions from the people who had something to say…

In third place, the anti-Glenn Reynolds, Atrios, whinges about moral clarity…

“These are just some unorganized idle thoughts before I’ve had a cup of coffee. Capturing Saddam is a good thing – he was a bad guy. I’m really glad he was captured and not killed.

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“But, it really doesn’t change much. Capturing Saddam isn’t going to end the resistance to the US occupation in Iraq. It may improve things slightly, or it could even make it worse, but the net effect will probably be negligible. Saddam was a bad guy, but it isn’t clear he’s any worse of a guy than some of the folks who are a part of our “Coalition of the Willing,” so this pretense of moral clarity, etc… is ridiculous.”Eschaton

In second place, there’s TBOGG who thinks we’re losing in Iraq while exploiting the Iraqi people…

“I hate to join the “Coalition of the Pissy” (Glen’s got a new catch-phrase! All the cool kids will be using it……”Educational quagmire! Educational quagmire!”) but just because we caught bad guy Saddam Hussein doesn’t mean that the unprovoked invasion was right the right thing to do nor is the occupation. What’s going on now among the Fighting Keyboarders is equivalent of a defensive end celebrating a sack when his team is down by thirty points in the 4th quarter. Is Iraq better off now than it was before? At the moment, yes. Will it be better off after the US Corporations finish acquiring all the Iraqi assets and have their own little colonial empire to bleed dry under the protection of a puppet military and private “security forces”? Nope. History and time don’t stop with this moment, much as the warbloggers would like to believe.

The exploitation of the Iraqi people is over. Let the new exploitation begin…”TBOGG

Then last but not least, in first place, there’s Phillip Shropshire from Warblogger Watch who says terrorists have the right to attack US troops. Welcome to the anti-war left’s moral equivalence sewer Phillip! Ted Rall is down there somewhere with you, just follow your nose…

“SADDAM HUSSEIN CAPTURED. First, good riddance. I have nothing but contempt for corrupt American puppets. I hope he gets a trial where he can talk at length about his relationship with the United States. He’ll probably get a trip to Gitmo. Remember: The Bush admininstration only rarely doesn’t do the most evilest worstest thing imaginable. Like Tariq, I also think that his capture actually helps the resistance. Now, you can’t say it’s some insidious Baathist plot hatched by Saddam in his underground lair. I would hope that now your usual crew of jingoist, objectively pro imperialism, pro communist (a big faction of the coalition government’s coalition) Sullys and Instapundits could define the resistance as being home grown. Subsequently, we should address their valid concerns. Give them a vote if they ask for a vote. Give them control of their oil revenues. That’s what decent people and countries do. Don’t fantasize and call people with legitimate concerns evil doers or “terrorists”. We’re a country that used force to get what we want. The “terrorists” have the same right. There is no high ground here.”Warblogger Watch

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