My Middle Eastern Peace Plan:

My Middle Eastern Peace Plan: Here’s my peace plan for the Middle East. Israel should mount a full military invasion of the disputed territories. They should dismantle the PA, blow Arafat’s brains out, and place the entire area under full military rule. Then they should spend the next few months hunting down terrorists, disarming the Palestinians, and crushing every sign of resistance. After a month or two of this the Palestinians will be demoralized and totally incapable of continuing the fight. At that point, the Israelis impose peace on their own terms and they set up checkpoints and barriers between Israel and the new State of Palestinian. They should also make it clear that any terrorist attacks will be met will awesome, overwhelming, murderous retaliation. It should also be made clear that if the Palestinians can’t live with that deal, then the Israelis will drive every Palestinian in the disputed territories into Jordan and Syria and the disputed territories will be forever more part of Israel. If any of the surrounding States get involved, Israel should obliterate their armies, take some of their land and make it clear it won’t be given back.

Many of you probably think that’s a cruel policy. It is, but it will also work. On the other hand, this pointless “peace policy” isn’t going to accomplish anything more that a temporary respite from the fighting at best. At some point we’re either going to let Israel do what we did in WW2 or we’re going to be sitting here decades from now talking about the “peace process” in the Middle East just as we have for the last 5 decades.

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