My Theory Explaining How McCain And Giuliani Will Eventually Tank

Right now, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain are still running well ahead of the rest of the field for the Republican nomination in 2008. However, I still think both of them are going to eventually crater.

My theory on how it will happen goes like so,

At some point, a consensus conservative candidate will emerge to challenge McCain and Giuliani. Who that will be, at this point, is unknown. At that point, people will start comparing that candidate, position by position to Giuliani and McCain and neither of them will come off very well. Moreover, by the point, you can be certain that the current sporadic attacks of the conservative media on both candidates will be highly concentrated and potent by then. In other words, people will go from a column in Human Events or National Review, to conservative talk radio, to a conservative blog and everywhere people look they’ll see conservatives hammering away at Giuliani and McCain.

Once it gets to that point, their support will get very soft and start to fall-away. On the upside, I think it’s highly likely that this is going to happen. On the downside, we’re probably AT LEAST a year and a half from getting to this point.

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