My Top Christmas Gifts For 2005

Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed a flaw common to many older people: there’s nothing I want for Christmas. You all know what I mean. All of us have had a conversation like this with one of our relatives:

You: So what do you want for Christmas?

Older Relative: Don’t get me anything. There’s nothing I want.

You: What do you mean you don’t want anything? There has got to be something you’ve had your eyes on.

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Older Relative: Nope. Nothing at all.

You: Oh, come on!

Older Relative: Well, if you insist on getting me something, why don’t you go down to Wal-Mart and get me some socks?

You: Socks? Awwwww!

Perhaps because I had a couple of years of making money from RWN and working a full-time job before I was laid-off, I was able to afford to buy a lot of the things that I wanted or maybe it’s just because I’m nearly 35, but I didn’t really want anything for Christmas this year.

The TV? It’s big enough. It’s a 36 incher I got from Wal-Mart for $300. The bed? Love it and it’s only a couple of years old. The computer? It’s fast enough. TiVo? Got it. Satellite radio? Don’t want it. The new Xbox? I’m content to play PS2. A CD player in the car? Since I blog full time, I don’t really spend that much time in the car any more.

In short, I started out this Christmas season completely content with the material goods I had on hand. But thankfully, because we exist in a capitalist culture where people only make money if they produce products that hard to please consumers like me are interested in, I still managed to end up with some decent gifts.

The top 3 were:

— A 19 inch KDSusa monitor. Because I have plenty of extra space in my office and on my desk, I was able to upgrade my monitor by 2 inches for less than a $100 because everyone seems to want LCD monitors which has driven the cost down.

— A La Crosse atomic clock that keeps the exact time, date, temperature inside and outside, and tells you whether it’s likely to rain soon or not. It’s very convenient to look up and get the outside temperature before taking the dog out.

— A Spa Sensations Memory Foam Contour Pillow that was very cheap (It cost a mere $10 at Wal-Mart) and extremely comfortable. I’ve actually slept much better since I got that pillow.

For a person who didn’t want anything, I came out of it pretty good. Anyone out there get anything really neat for Christmas? If so, feel free to share in the comments section.

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