My Top Ten Favorite Republican Political Ads For Election 2006

These are my favorite (based simply on which ones I personally enjoyed the most) political/online ads of the 2006 cycle:

Honorable Mentions

Mark Kennedy: About Mark (A “meet the candidate” ad)

George Allen: Webb’s attacks on Women (This hurt Webb)

Stop Shuler: Stop Shuler — A Better Day (This is a funny joke ad)

Top 10

10) Mike Bouchard: Mikayla’s Big Date (An excellent “meet the candidate” commercial)

9) Larry Elder: Why Vote Republican? (A bit longish, but the best anti-Democratic hit piece of the cycle)

8) The RNC: He’s Just Not Right (A great attack ad against Harold Ford)

7) David Zucker: Madeleine Albright: (This is a great ad, but of course, it’s practically useless since Madeleine Albright isn’t running for anything)

6) Rick Santorum: Hey There, Hi There, Ho There (A great attack ad that smacks Casey around for constantly running for office)

5) Mike Bouchard: Debbie Stabenow is really working hard (This is a devastating attack ad that effectively portrays Debbie Stabenow as an empty suit)

4) Vernon Robinson: Illegal Immigration (Vernon Robinson blisters Brad Miller on illegal immigration)

3) Michael Steele: Puppies (Steele comes across really well and helps blunt negative attacks)

2) The RNC: Stakes (This is sort of a take off on the old “Bear in the Woods,” Reagan ad)

1) Vernon Robinson: Twilight Zone (This ad was a sensation and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to his campaign)

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