My Twelve Favorite People On The Right In Order

12) Victor Davis Hanson: This is a man who understands the lessons of history and how to apply them.

11) Clarence Thomas: The embodiment of what conservative judicial philosophy should be.

10) Donald Rumsfeld: Other than George Bush, he’s had the toughest job in politics since 9/11 and he’s done it well.

9) Ann Coulter: Chairman Ann is wittier and more insightful than any of her detractors and even if she goes over the line sometimes, she also has a knack for saying things that other people are thinking, but don’t have the guts to say.

8) Antonin Scalia: The greatest spokesman for originalism.

7) Mark Steyn: The standard by which all other conservative columnists are judged.

6) Tom Coburn: A one man gang waging a political street fight against the spendthrifts in the Senate.

5) George Bush: His domestic policies make me want to pull my hair out sometimes, but we’re incredibly lucky to have him running the show on foreign policy.

4) Michelle Malkin: The standard by which all other conservative bloggers are judged.

3) Tom Tancredo: If it wasn’t for Tom Tancredo, an amnesty bill would have already passed and the Republican Party and even America itself would have been harmed greatly as a result.

2) Newt Gingrich: If I were picking Bush’s successor based on nothing more than who I thought would do the best job, Gingrich would be the choice in a heartbeat.

1) Rush Limbaugh: Everybody in talk radio and even the blogosphere is really just treading a path blazed by Rush.

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