Nail In The Tire, Fire In The Sky

Well, I had a “fun” afternoon. I did a little grocery shopping, picked up a few things for Patton at PETsMART and I picked up a nail in my tire. So I dropped the groceries off and headed to Wal-Mart where they took an hour and a half to patch it up (50 minutes to get it in the garage, 40 minutes to finish). If they were smart, they’d block off access to the garage so that you can’t sit there and watch the guy who’s supposed to be fixing your tire chat, drink soda, and piddle around for 40 minutes while you’re waiting.

You know what the really scary thing is though? I bought the tires at TireKingdom and could have just as easily gone there — but their customer service is so incompetent and annoying that I’m almost sure that I was better off sitting around Wal-Mart — reading Free To Choose by Milton and Rose Friedman — than I would have been had I gone to TireKingdom. Those guys are like the Best Buy of car care — decent prices, but customer service so bad that it’ll make you pull your hair out if you ever have a serious problem.

So in retrospect, I guess Wal-Mart wasn’t so bad…

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