Nancy Pelosi Gets No Love At The Daily Kos Or The Democratic Underground

Because the press loves to focus on the woes of Republicans, everyone knows that we conservatives have been bickering amongst ourselves, but most people don’t realize how much turmoil there is on the left.

For example, take Nancy Pelosi — here’s what the crowd at the Democratic Underground thinks of San Fran Nan, a woman who is undoubtedly the most liberal Speaker of the House in the history of our Republic,

So, 23% of the DUer’s think Pelosi is doing a “good” or “okay” job, while 77% think she’s “been a disappointment” or a “nightmare.”

No wonder the Democrat led Congress has an 11% approval rating.

But, Pelosi isn’t just making the moonbats mad at DU, she’s infuriating their netroots brethren over at the Daily Kos. Take at look at this recommended diary called — heh heh — Representative Pelosi and Senator Reid — YOU SUCK,

OK — let’s review why I’m so d*mn p*ssed off at the Democratic Leadership.

Speaker Pelosi — one of your members said that Bush “just likes to blow things up.” And then it was reported that you weren’t gong to back his play. What is God’s name are you afraid of? Rush “I have a pimple on my *ss so I don’t need to go to Vietnam” Limbaugh? Sean Hannity calling you a name? Getting bad press? Leadership is about leading — which means standing up to the idiot inhabiting the White House using this thing called the Constitution like toilet paper. For God’s sake, show some spine.

And Senator Reid — one of your fellow Senators has decided to place a hold on a bill granting blanket immunity to the telecom industry. There is evidence that telecoms were spying on Americans before the “9/11 changed everything” arguments even entered national discourse. You might want to consult this quaint document called the Constitution, especially the Fourth Amendment about search and seizures requiring probable cause.

And before I get the, “you don’t understand the stakes involved because you are a mighty member of Congress and I am but a lowly citizen” garbage, let me remind you that I am your boss — not the other way around.

If Pelosi can’t even make the people at the Democratic Underground and Daily Kos happy, even as she is helping to pull her Party so far to the left that Congress is threatening to sink to a single digit approval rating, the Democrats may be having bigger problems than the Republicans.

PS: Incidentally, you’ve got to love the Left’s moxie when it comes to spin. Anyone can lie through his teeth about his enemies and liberals do that on an everyday basis. But, it takes an almost diabolical level of genius to deliberately misrepresent which remarks your political adversaries are actually angry about and hope that your allies in the mainstream press will back your play.

In this case, the Kossack above is supposedly mad because Pelosi supports Stark saying, “that Bush ‘just likes to blow things up.'” But, of course, the real controversy was over Stark saying,

“You don’t have money to fund the war on children. But you’re going to spend it to blow up innocent people if he can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the President’s amusement.”

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