National Terror Alerts ~ Iran

Two Terror Alerts regarding Iran have come to my attention:

1. Iran announces plans to dig thousands of graves in anticipation of an attack on its soil.

Iran is to dig 320,000 graves in border districts to allow for the burial of enemy soldiers in the event of any attack on its territory, a top commander said today. In implementation of the Geneva Conventions … the necessary measures are being taken to provide for the burial of enemy soldiers,” the Mehr news agency quoted General Mir-Faisal Bagherzadeh as saying.

“We have plans to dig 15,000 to 20,000 graves in each of the border provinces or a total of 320,000,” the general said, adding that some of them would be mass graves if necessary.

Mr Bagherzadeh said Iran was keen to “reduce the suffering of the families of the fallen in any attack against our country … and prevent any repetition of the long and bitter experience of the Vietnam War”.

2. Iran Could Have Nuclear Weapons in 6 Months

The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency Mohamed ElBaradei, said Iran could create a nuclear weapon in six months. Yes, this is the same guy that a couple of months ago said we have a few years before Iran would have that capability.

ElBaradei spoke on Al-Arabiya television on June 20, discussing Iran’s nuclear program, and the potential for the Middle Eastern country to produce a nuclear weapon.

Could it be that last year’s NIE was a LIE? Now the IAEA Chief is restating Iran’s capability to make a nuclear weapon within 6 months instead of several years.

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