Nazi Toys For Your Kids?

What sort of degenerates would make Nazi toys for kids? Unfortunately, that’s not a hypothetical question and justification they used for making the toys? Oh, good grief, it’ll make your head hurt…

“Dolls depicting members of a Nazi SS combat division originally created to guard concentration camps are now available in Canadian stores.

…The `Totenkopf Division’ doll, sporting military fatigues and the trademark death’s head insignia on the cap, comes with a Walther pistol and gas mask. The packaging infers that the division fought in Normandy in 1944 as a tank unit — which part of the division did.

The Totenkopf was, however, a group originally formed at Dachau, site of the first concentration camp outside Munich. It opened in 1934.

…The figure is part of a World War II series from Plan-B Toys of Groveport, Ohio.

Other figures in the doll series include several Waffen SS figures and a variety of U.S. airborne soldier figures as well as regular Wehrmacht troops. The Waffen SS sniper comes with a recruitment poster.

The SS was the elite private army initially formed as a bodyguard for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Plan-B co-president Chris Borman said the company did not set out to offend anyone but was just portraying the Totenkopf troops that fought in Normandy.

“Everyone knows the Germans were Nazis in World War II,” Borman said. “We picked them because they’ve got the coolest gear. It makes for a cool figure.

“There’s really no harm in it,” he adds. “We won the war. We already know the outcome.

“That division was involved in some terrible things, but wasn’t everyone during World War II? It’s just history.”

Let me translate “idiot toymaker” into normal humanspeak…

“Sure we make Nazi toys, but they look COOL. And isn’t that what’s important? That the toy looks cool? Besides, everybody did terrible things in WW2. There were Germans who used violence to slaughter millions of people and try to take over the world and then there were the Allies who used violence to try to stop them. Nazis, Americans, what’s the difference right? We’d make little toy ovens and naked Jews to shove in them if we thought we could make an extra buck of ’em. Coming up next: Palestinians with dynamite belts strapped to them and school buses full of Jewish kids that actually explode!”

These guys should get together with the creeps selling the 9/11 toys. I’d bet they have a similar clientele…

***Update #1***: Plan-B Toys is apparently feeling the heat because they have this statement up on their website…

“Plan B Toys has removed figures from its line of Call of Duty action figures due to numerous requests. Plan B Toys in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM actively promotes ideologies, beliefs or political views that may be associated with the nature of its product. Our intent was to depict historically accurate action figures of allied and enemy forces. We apologize for any unintenional harm our product may have caused.”

However, the WWII CASE PACK, which includes Nazi figures, is still on sale.

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