Netanyahu Speaks Before The US

Netanyahu Speaks Before The US Senate on April 10: Benjamin Netanyahu gave a brilliant, passionate, speech before the US Senate today and it was filled with the sort of morally unambiguous language we heard from our own president…until recently. I agreed with every single word he said including….

“That in exercising our basic right to defend ourselves Israel is condemned by Arab dictatorships is predictable. That today a Europe which sixty years ago refused to lift a finger to save millions of Jews has turned its collective back on the Jewish State is downright shameful. But my friends, I must admit. I expected no better from them. Yet the America I know has always been different.”

That just eats at me because it’s so true. We declared a “War on Terrorism” and we’re sitting on the sidelines and letting Israel fight it while we carp like the Europeans. That isn’t what America is all about and it isn’t going to win this war for us.

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