Never Forget That Most People Don’t Care About Politics

Oftentimes, we political junkies forget that not everybody shares our interest in politics. To the contrary, a lot of Americans, probably most Americans, couldn’t care less about what the latest hot political topic is. If you want proof of that, you need look no further than this Gallup Poll.

Before I show you these numbers, I want you to think about Al Franken and Ann Coulter. Both of them are huge names in political circles right? Franken & Coulter have had top selling books, both are going to be familiar names to every person reading RWN…and yet, a lot of Americans have NO CLUE who they are. Want to see some numbers? According to Gallup, 49% of Americans have never heard of Al Franken and 69% have never heard of Ann Coulter. Keep those numbers in mind the next time you start to get antsy about how some scandal is perceived or why some big news isn’t resonating with the public. The truth is that most people just aren’t paying attention…

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