New Hope For Aids Vaccine:

New Hope For Aids Vaccine: When it comes to a cure for Aids, I’ll believe it when they have a working vaccine that’s ready to be distributed. But a “US biotechnology company” called Vaxgen has produced a vaccine that IAVI president Dr Seth Berkley hopes will one day, “put an end to this terrible disease.”

Now certainly this vaccine would be a tremendous boon to mankind. It would save tens of millions of lives across the world especially in Africa where AIDS is cutting a swath of destruction unseen since the heyday of the Bubonic Plague.

However, there is a big downside to this vaccine from a left-wing perspective. The wrong people have come up with it. It wasn’t some group of Communist researchers in China or even a group of European scientists who created this vaccine on a government grant. This vaccine is being developed by a corporation which is probably run by some fatcat CEO who liberals would undoubtedly think is being paid too much. Furthermore, they didn’t work on this vaccine for purely altruistic reasons, they developed it so they could make huge Mt. Everest sized piles of cash selling the drug. The animal rights whackos will probably be outraged when they learn that Vaxgen tested this drug on chimpanzees! PETA certainly won’t approve of that. Worst of all in many people’s eyes will be the fact that the vaccine was developed by the nation they view as the source of all evil in the world, the United States. Sometimes the left must think fate is quite a cruel mistress.

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