New Hosting Needed For RWN

A while back, I moved over to my current blog host Dreamhost because my host at the time was having horrible, daily problems with their MySQL database.

Dreamhost was cheap, they had a great back end, tons of features and they were reliable. Unfortunately, their service has slowly and steadily gotten worse. Now, we’re finally getting to the point where they’ve been down practically every single day for a couple of weeks. Just look at their Status Page, and keep in mind that it doesn’t even come close to showing every time that they were down.

Over the last two days, they’ve been down for approximately 12 hours.

Here’s the explanation their rep sent to me today to explain why my website was down for 7 hours:

“I’ve reset your web server instance and it’s back up again.”

Gee, you don’t think you guys could have done that 6 hours and 45 minutes ago, do you?

Are they having a run of bad luck, terribly understaffed, or just completely incompetent? I have no idea, but this just can’t continue.

So, as much it pains me to say, because of the incredible inconvenience involved, I’m going to have to change hosts. So, can some of you suggest a competent, well run hosting service that offers services at a reasonable price?

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