New York Without Giuliani and With Stupid Priorities

Is New York returning to the bad old days pre-Giuliani? Maybe:

The NYPD’s CompStat
data indeed show upticks in violent crime since last year. The city has
had 238 murders so far this year (as of last Sunday), up 7.6 percent
from 221 last year, and 664 rapes, up 6.2 percent.

Should we be worried? Queens Councilmember Peter Vallone,
chair of the council’s Public Safety Committee, thinks so. “We’re
seeing the beginnings of a return to the bad old days,” he says. “We
should never forget that we’re a thousand percent better off now than
we were in 1991, when we had only 31,000 police officers on the street,
and we made a decision, through the Safe Cities program, to increase
that number by 10,000.

Over at Blue Crab Boulevard:

The new mayor, Michael Bloomberg
is very, very concerned with trans fats and the harvesting of organs.
Crime? Not so much, it would seem. Quality of life for the taxpaying
citizens? Very little.

I remember reading The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell,
where he posits that the crime changes in New York had everything to do
with population age distribution and nothing to do with Giuliani. Maybe.

It seems to reason that part of the reason that America has been spared more attacks
during the Bush years, has not only been his policy but his emphasis
and leadership. When criminals of any kind sense weakness they exploit
it. If they think they can get a way with murder, they’ll try to get
away with murder. It might not be causation but certainly there’s a correlation.

crime to increase would be bad news for New York. Security first, then
economy. If people are afraid, they won’t visit. Three summers ago, I
was in New York, all over the city, with my kids and friends. I felt
safe everywhere. The police presence was obvious but not obtrusive.
With crime rising, Mayor Bloomberg
might want to reevaluate his priorities or else families won’t be
visiting. Between taxes and everything else, New York won’t seem so
appealing to work in or visit.

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