Newly-Released Training Videos Show AQ Training Children On How To Be Terrorists

Blog For All has the details on newly released videos (seen here) showing how Al Qaeda is training children as young as six years old on how to conduct terror attacks in Iraq. Fox News writes extensively about the videos here.

This isn’t surprising, considering that we’ve known for years that Islamofascist thugs like AQ won’t hesitate to use children (and Down’s Syndrome sufferers) in desperate attempts to defeat US and coalition forces not just in Iraq, but in Afghanistan, and just about anywhere else where the strong presence of Islamofascism exists (most notably among Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas). The videos, however, provide in even more startling detail just how AQ takes advantage of the minds and bodies of young impressionable children, all done in the name of their desire to continue waging global jihad against the “western infidels.”

We may be winning in Iraq, but the newly released videos prove that AQ’s lust for death, destruction, and submission to the oppressive ways of radical Islam hasn’t waned one bit. President Bush has often rightly called the GWOT a war that will be a long one. These videos slam that point home even more.

The fight against Islamofascism rages on.

Cross-posted from the Sister Toldjah blog.

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