Newsmax Does A 2nd Article On The Coulter Fragging Comment

Newsmax wrote another story on the Coulter/Murtha/Fragging comment from the interview.

“In an e-mail interview by John Hawkins at the Right Wing News Web site, Coulter was asked to give her opinion of certain people, among them anti-war Congressman Murtha, D-Pa. In a style familiar to journalists who have quizzed her via e-mail, Coulter responded with her characteristic single brief line: “The reason soldiers invented ‘fragging.'”

That’s it. That’s all she wrote.

She did not suggest that Murtha, long out of the military service, should be killed by a grenade because his men considered him deserving of death — which is what fragging means — she was describing him as the kind of leader soldiers have good reason to distrust.

That however is not how the Coulter haters at E&P and the rest of the liberal mainstream media portrayed her remarks – universally they accused her of wanting to frag Murtha.

This in spite of the fact Hawkins, the recipient of the e-mail, told E&P that she meant no such thing. Said Hawkins: “Although I wouldn’t have phrased that like Ann did, I would say in her defense that in that quote she didn’t say that she wanted to kill Murtha, she’d didn’t say that she thought he should be killed, and she didn’t say that she thought Murtha should have been fragged. Is that hair splitting?”

Two things:

#1) Saying that I, “told E&P that she meant no such thing,” makes it sound as if I contacted them somehow. I just posted a follow-up since they — and Newsmax — talked about the article.

#2) Newsmax has now talked about the interview and my follow-up post and yet, not only did Newsmax not post a link to RWN in either case, they didn’t even put up the URL (They just said “Right Wing News”). Would it kill Newsmax to link directly to RWN so their readers could just pop over and read the interview and what I have to say? I can certainly tell you that I would have appreciated the thousands of extra readers.

Still, thanks for the mentions, Newsmax! It’s great to know that some of the big boys are reading RWN.

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