NFL Sunday

Say, we haven’t had a football post in awhile. Something to step away from politics a bit. Today’s games (line in parentheses)

  • Tennessee (3) at Baltimore – right on the money, 13-10 Titans
  • Seattle at Superbowl Champions Big Blue (7) 44-6 Gmen. Stat of the day-Giants 523 yards, Seahawks 187
  • Deadskins at Egirls (5) – 23-17 Skins. Skins outrushed Eagles 203-58
  • Cincy at Cowgirls (17.5) (Can’t tell I am a Giants fan, eh?) Stat of the Day-first pass by Palmer is picked off (yeah, I know the game is just starting) Dallas with the 31-22 win over the Bengals
  • San Diego (7) at Fins – Dolphins 17 Bolts 10 Stat of the day-Fins have double the wins they had in 2007
  • Chicago (3) at Lions. Bears 34-Lions 7. Bears yardage 425, Lions yardage…wait, did I just read the Bears had 425 yards of offense?
  • Falcons at Green Bay (3.5) Atlanta 27 GB 24. Michael Vick who?
  • Indy (3) at Houston- Colts 31 Houston 27. Texans show everyone how to blow a game late
  • Chiefs at Panthers (9.5) 34-0 Carolina. Sister Toldjah should be happy. Yardage 441-127. No worries, though, Chiefs fans. A little birdy told me W and Nancy P. plan on initiating a bailout plan for the KC, and Native Americans plan on suing over the team name.
  • Bucs at Broncos (3) 16-13 Bucs
  • Patriots (3) at Nancy Pelosi Stadium San Fran N.E. 30 – San Fran 21
  • Woops, forgot the line on Arizona-Buffalo. No matter, big win for the Cards, 41-17. When you turn it over 4-0, and get sacked 5 times, yeah, gonna lose
  • Sunday Night – Steelers at Jaguars (4)
  • Monday Night – Vikes at Saints (3)

What’s your take? Who ya rooting for? Who do you want to see destroyed on the field today? What’s the over/under on a T.O. meltdown?

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