Nice Guys Finish Last In Politics

Here’s a little chestnut from a story about Carl Bernstein’s new book about Hillary that I think makes for a useful comparison to the current occupant of the White House,

“Clinton’s relationship with the truth has frequently come under scrutiny. William Safire, a conservative columnist in The New York Times, provoked a storm in the 1990s when he accused the first lady of being a “congenital liar”. Bill Clinton let it be known that if he were not president, he would punch Safire on the nose.”

Of course, Hillary and Bill are BOTH “congenital liar(s),” but when Safire had the temerity to point out the obvious truth, Bill made a big deal out of that.

Compare that to Bush, who has throughout his entire presidency turned a blind eye to the most vile and despicable slanders of his character by the Democrats. Because he didn’t make a big deal of Nazi comparisons and prominent liberals falsely calling him a liar, the Democrats realized that they could say absolutely anything about him without paying a price — and they did in increasingly frequent numbers.

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Then, as people heard these increasingly outrageous accusations about the President and never heard him fight back, they started to assume that the charges must be true. Otherwise, why wasn’t Bush responding to them? Next thing you know, all these scandalous claims were accepted as conventional wisdom, not because they’re true — which most of them aren’t — but because they were repeated over and over again without being refuted.

If you want to see a case study that shows you why nice guys finish last in politics, Bush is it.

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