No, The Death Of Two Innocent People Is Not “Good News”

They may call themselves GOPInsight, but this post calling the murder of a judge’s family “good news” is abhorrent, not insightful.

From Bill Pirkle at GOPInsight:

“Good News – Federal Judge’s Husband and Mother Killed

First I am not a cold hearted person who has no capacity for the misfortune of others. Nor do I not feel sympathy for the judge and her family. So why then would I write such a title? Well our genius founding fathers created a democracy and Congress that only “reacts to” societal problems. The Founding Fathers deliberately created a government that would respond to the will of the people, not a government that would just go off passing laws on its own, as a king might do. This has produced a phenomenon called “tombstone legislation”. This means that somebody has to get killed before something is done. For example, it was known for years that the CIA and FBI were not sharing information. Then 9/11 happened and we have the Homeland Security Agency thanks to three thousand dead Americans. We could have beefed up homeland security many years ago but under the doctrine of tombstone legislation, somebody has to die first. This happens all the time with our reactive government.

So, back to my title, it IS good news in one sense. When things like this happen, the lawmakers are motivated to (finally) do something about crime, especially when it happens to one of their own. Everytime an event like this occurs a few more people join the conservative movement. A few more people wash their hands of liberal policies that allow criminals to wander the streets at will terrifying law abiding members of society. I am terribly sorry that this is the process that we use to protect the decent members of society but it is none the less….”

Is there not a way for this guy to get his idea across about the government not truly responding to the needs of the people unless there is a crisis without referring to the heinous murder of two innocent people as “good news?” Even if there is a point to be made there, it’s lost in Pirkle’s ghoulish and repugnant attempt to capitalize politically on their deaths. Come on, show a little more sympathy for the dead…

Hat tip to Right Thinking Girl for the link to the story.

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