Non-Rightroots Endorsed Candidates Worth Supporting

We’re moving right up to the $200,000 mark with Rightroots and I encourage you to continue chipping in. But, if you’ve already given money to Rightroots and are looking for some other conservative candidates to support, here are some other non-incumbents that I think are worth helping, even though they’re not Rightroots endorsed.

Mac Collins (GA-03): Mac Collins has a decent shot to knock off incumbent Democrat Jim Marshall in a Republican district.

Bob Corker (TN): Corker is in a real dogfight with Harold Ford for Bill Frist’s Senate seat. This is a crucial race because if Corker wins, and right now, this looks to be about an even race, it probably puts a Senate takeover out of reach for the Democrats.

Randy Graf (AZ-8): The Republican Party really put him in a bad spot by backing his opponent in the primary and then throwing a tantrum and refusing to spend money on him after he won. But, after starting out down by 19 points, he has cut it down to 8 points and since he’s in a Republican district, there is no reason to think he’s done yet. It’s not going to be easy, but Graf can still pull it out.

Joe Negron (FL-16): Negron is replacing Mark Foley and unfortunately, in order to vote for him, people have to pull the lever for Foley. On the other hand, it’s a strongly Republican district, Negron has plenty of money, and the generic polling after Foley stepped down, but before Negron replaced him, wasn’t bad. People are saying this seat is lost, but from where I’m sitting, Negron has a better than 50/50 chance to save the seat.

Martha Rainville: (VT-at large) Rainville is a bit of a RINO, but you know, it’s Vermont, so she’s probably the best we can do under the circumstances. Besides, it would be really nice to replace a socialist like Bernie Sanders with a Republican and Rainville is still in the hunt.

Vernon Robinson (NC-13): Robinson is up against Brad Miller in a slightly Democratic leaning district. Robinson is running an excellent campaign and although there is no polling out of the district yet, he should be in the hunt.

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