Not Only Is Cruz Bustamante Unpatriotic, He May Be The Left’s David Duke

Left-wingers are highly sensitive to charges that they’re not patriotic. Heck, you could hardly make it through a week back during the war in Iraq without two or three angry lefties “courageously” going on TV or doing interviews with major magazines about how their dissent was being squashed and their patriotism questioned by the right. I was highly dubious of their claims then, just as I am now, especially since I and most of the people on the right — Ann Coulter excepted =D — went out of their way to say that it wasn’t unpatriotic to simply protest the war.

However, I’d like to be the first person — well the first I’ve seen anyway — to question Cruz Bustamante’s patriotism. I say that because of what Bustamante said yesterday about MEChA, a racist, seditious group he used to be a part of…

“California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, the grandson of Mexican immigrants who counts improving race relations among his biggest pursuits, refused Thursday to renounce his past ties to a little-known Hispanic organization considered by critics to be as racist as the Ku Klux Klan.

Instead, Bustamante, who is running to be governor of California, praised the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan, or MEChA, and said he still supports it.

“The students who are in MEChA today are just like the students when I was there, pretty much they are trying to get an education,” Bustamante said during a press conference in which the first three questions related to his ties to the group.

“I think the actuality of what takes place in those organizations is to provide student leadership. For me, and many, many others, we were running for student government. That’s how I got here today.”

Let me be blunt; you cannot be support the Constitution, be patriotic, & be a good American, while being a member or supporter of MEChA at the same time. It’s simply not possible to love the United States of America while supporting a group that wants to return the Southern part of the United States to Mexico & who’s motto is, “for the race, everything. For those outside the race, nothing.”

The fact that MEChA is even allowed on college campuses should be scandalous in of itself. We certainly wouldn’t allow the Nazi party or KKK to set up university backed clubs and recruit kids — so why should MEChA be allowed to do the same thing?

Ridiculous as that may be, having supporters of MEChA actually holding positions of power in our government is far worse. It’s one thing to have a bunch of 18 year college kids who believe in this stuff, but voting one of these racist, wanna-be Benedict Arnold’s into the governorship of a state like California is a horrendous idea.

Bustamante is clearly an unpatriotic American who is unfit to hold any public office, especially the governorship of California. Now that his association with MEChA is coming to light, there should be more than just conservatives pointing that out. Bustamante may be the left’s David Duke, worse actually, since Duke lost when he ran for gov. of Louisiana, with lots of prominent Republicans campaigning against him. But do the members of the left have the guts to take a stand against their own David Duke, even if it means losing the governorship of California? We will find out in the next couple of months…

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