Now Dan “Flaming Necklace Of

Now Dan “Flaming Necklace Of Patriotism” Rather Doesn’t Want To Hear About Terrorism Alerts…: The Democrats and the mainstream press spent the last week incessantly whining and moaning that the Bush administration should of obviously known that al-Queda was planning to ram planes into the WTC and the Pentagon because the President got a briefing saying that “al-Queda wanted to hijack our planes.” Of course, nobody ever seems to have any sort of suggestion as to what he was to have supposed to have done with that sort of generic information but the general idea seems to be that the Bush administration should of at least warned the public about a possible threat.

Well the Bush administration has read the writing on the wall. They know that al-Queda is still trying to hit us and when they inevitably do, the Democrats and the press will use the most flimsy, specious, evidence possible to try to say that the Bush knew the attack was coming and should have at least told the public about it. So as a direct response to these media attacks, the Bush administration has started releasing a lot more information to the public. So did that please the media? Well let’s see what Dan Rather has to say about it…

“I can believe that the president and the people around him were surprised and peeved, to say the least that the information got out last week with [CBS’s] report that President Bush had been briefed about some things that, in retrospect after Sept. 11, would indicate that, well, maybe somebody should have done something. And I can also believe that, as with every president, somebody’s in the White House scratching their heads saying, ‘How can we change the subject.’ Now, the subject has been changed, suddenly and very effectively, from ‘How is it that the FBI and the CIA didn’t move on the information they had? Where was the president briefed about what, when?’ The subject’s been change from that, to suddenly one administration official after another, and each escalating it, [issuing] a new set of warnings. Maybe these two things are not connected, but surely the people in the administration could forgive us for perhaps thinking, well, perhaps there’s some connection here.We’re on some kind of alert because somebody heard something that somebody may blow something up. [But] as a citizen, what are we supposed to do with that information?”

So shortly after the mainstream media ripped the Bush administration a new one largely because they didn’t give out enough information, now we now have one of the most prominent members of the media complaining that the Bush administration is giving out TOO MUCH information. We even have Rather asking the same question the Bush administration’s supporters did this weekend “what are we supposed to do with that information?” The Bush administration is damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

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