Now It’s Racist to Notice That Obama Is Scrawny

You would think liberals would get bored looking for coded racism. Since they can find it absolutely anywhere, it must be like shooting fish in a barrel. But then, so is making fun of moonbats like Timothy Noah, who declares that it’s racist to notice how scrawny Obama is.

Noah denounces a WSJ piece proposing that Obama’s skinniness could be a liability. His keen insight has discerned that by skinniness, they really meant mulatto-ness.

[A]ny discussion of Obama’s “skinniness” and its impact on the typical American voter can’t avoid being interpreted as a coded discussion of race.

In the interests of full disclosure, Noah hilariously admits:

I phoned my former Journal colleague, Michel Martin, an African-American journalist who is now host of NPR’s Tell Me More, which frequently addresses matters of race, to ask whether she was offended. She was not.

Apparently not even blacks who make a living off taxpayer-financed moonbattery can compete with Noah when it comes to sniffing out imaginary racism. He explains his theory:

When white people are invited to think about Obama’s physical appearance, the principal attribute they’re likely to dwell on is his dark skin. Consequently, any reference to Obama’s other physical attributes can’t help coming off as a coy walk around the barn.

In other words, noticing anything whatsoever about Obama is racist. The Obamessiah is so sacred that even naming his characteristics is blasphemous. We’ve also heard that mentioning his middle name is racist. But his last name also recalls an mortal enemy of America who tellingly is not an Anglo-Saxon. It might be safest to refer to Obama from now on as He Who Cannot Be Named or Described but Only Abjectly Venerated.

On a tip from Silentbob1272. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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