Nuclear Annihilation Can’t Be Confined

Nuclear Annihilation Can’t Be Confined to the Outer Boroughs: Here’s a great excerpt from the latest Ann Coulter column about the New York Times campaign against continuing the ‘War on Terrorism’ in Iraq…

“In a manly editorial that ought to have been titled, “SURRENDER NOW, GREAT SATAN!” the Times proposed patient suasion with the harmless and misunderstood Saddam Hussein. Demanding that “every available diplomatic option” be tried, the Times urged waiting until a “future link between Iraq and terrorism” can be established.

In the breezy style the Times uses for all its crackpot ideas, it explained that America need only “ensure that Iraq is disarmed of all unconventional weapons.” The same editorial warned against invading Iraq on the grounds that “there may be no way to deter Iraq from using unconventional weapons against American forces.” Wait a minute! Weren’t we easily disarming Saddam of unconventional weapons a couple paragraphs back?

…Days before the Times’ “SURRENDER NOW” editorial ran, Khidir Hamza, a former member of Iraq’s weapons-building program, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Saddam is actively developing weapons of mass destruction and will have accumulated enough enriched uranium to have three nuclear bombs by 2005.

The Times did not report Hamza’s testimony. Sworn statements given to a Senate committee by a former member of Saddam’s government presumably constitute “no evidence.” It will take Manhattan and Washington being nuked before satisfying the exacting threshold of “evidence” demanded at the Baghdad Times.

It is as if the Times operates on Islamic holy logic – what should be true, on grounds of faith, must be taken as true, and hard evidence establishing the contrary can be dismissed as mere fact. There’s a reason that reading the New York Times these days is like reading a newspaper published in Saudi Arabia.

Liberals are panicked at the idea that America might defend itself by attacking Iraq, but are perfectly copacetic about living in a radioactive world. They seem not to understand that – unlike their other insane policies, such as school busing – their heartfelt desire to keep Saddam Hussein in power will affect their children, too. Nuclear annihilation cannot be safely confined to the outer boroughs.”

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