Obama Is Losing Right Now Because He Has Been Misled By The Netroots

Want to know why Obama is losing right now? It’s because his campaign has bought into a false idea being peddled by the liberal netroots.

You see, if you listen to the lefties, they’ll tell you that Democrats lose elections because they don’t fight back hard enough against Republicans. What happens, according to these clowns, is that the mean Republicans attack and the Democrats, because they’re so nice, don’t fight back and lose.

In actuality, Republicans do tend to attack more than Democrats, but that’s because the media is in the tank for the Left and does most of the attacking for the Democratic candidate.

When it comes to Obama, McCain has really bloodied him by pointing out that he’s not experienced enough to handle the presidency. This is a charge that has stuck to him in the same way that the attacks of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth stuck to John Kerry.

Despite what you hear from the libs in the media, the problem Kerry had with the Swifties was that he never effectively answered their charges and Obama, so far at least, has had no effective response to the charge that he’s not ready to lead.

Moreover, at this point, he’s not even trying to prove he can handle the job. Instead, he’s relentlessly attacking Sarah Palin, which makes even less sense for him at this point than going after McCain. What Barack Obama needs to do is reassure the American people that he’s up to handling the most important job in the country.

Unless he changes his strategy, chances are, Obama is going to lose this election — and deservedly so.

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