Obama Surrogate John Kerry Throws Obama Surrogate Wesley Clark Under The Bus

It’s a slow news day, so why not throw a little humor out there? Here’s Kerry on today’s Meet The Press, interviewed by Tom Brokaw:

MR. BROKAW: We’re going to get to all those issues, but I also want to raise what a surrogate for Senator Obama had to say to my friend Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation.” This is former General Wesley Clark talking about John McCain. He said, “I don’t think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president.” He described him as untested and untried. With all due respect, Senator Kerry, he could have been talking about your qualifications. You’re a Vietnam veteran…

SEN. KERRY: Yeah, I, I don’t agree. I don’t agree with Wes Clark’s comment. I think it was entirely inappropriate. I have nothing but enormous respect for John McCain’s service. I had the privilege of standing with John McCain in the, in the cell in Hanoi when we visited there together, when we worked on the issue of Vietnam together. It was an emotional moment. I, I have awe for John McCain’s experience as a prisoner of war, and he, and he does understand duty and service. But…

Now, if Clark would go Meet The Press and rebuke Kerry for his age attacks on McCain (calling him “confused” on certain issues – a pattern with Obama and some of his surrogates), things would get really interesting. 😉

In response to Kerry’s denouncing of Clarks’ attack, some popular liberal bloggers are throwing Kerry under the bus – this in spite of the chunk of time Kerry spent criticizing McCain’s “Celeb” ad and defending Obama against the charge that he used the race card, something the junior Senator from Illinois himself conceded on Saturday, a day after his chief strategist David Axelrod made a similar admission.

Related: Tom Maguire has a chuckle-worthy piece taking the NYT reporter Rachel Swarns to task for her – shall we say “inadequate”? – reporting on Obama’s views on affirmative action.

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